Across the Long Sea

Switching between Avani and Mal, Remy creates an immersive experience where the mundane and magical coexist and threats build from all sides. … As the stakes rise in this tale about a king’s sorcerer, pages practically turn themselves, but several questions remain unanswered until the next installment. – Kirkus Review


★★★★✩  This second book featuring Mal and Avani is set both in the capital and across the sea. There is another mystery for them to solve, one very key to the survival of the capital.


★★★★★ There is no doubt in my mind this is a very easy rating of 5 stars.

The gripping follow-up to Stonehill Downs

As the most valuable asset in the kingdom of Wilhaiim, Malachi Doyle has many responsibilities—protector, assassin, detective, and King Renault’s right-hand man. And until he met Avani in the cursed village of Stonehill Downs, he believed he was the last of his kind: a magus who can communicate with the dead.

But Wilhaiim is left vulnerable when Mal and his page, Liam, are kidnapped and ferried across the Long Sea to a warring kingdom in search of its own magus. To make matters worse, a springtime plague is rapidly spreading, and beneath the earth the sidhe are preparing for war. With Mal missing and presumed dead, Avani reluctantly takes his place as Wilhaiim’s magus. But her powers are unreliable and untested, her many allies are treacherous, and she is certain Mal is alive. Will she be able to keep Wilhaiim—and herself—safe?

Epic Fantasy

Volume Two of the Avani and Malachi series

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