Summer’s the sort of girl who enjoys being a princess.

Summer would rather study dressmaking than learn spellcasting, rather shop Soho than practice swordsmanship. Summer’s vengeful mother is the exiled queen of the Sidhe. Summer’s father is a warrior prince, adored by his stranded people. Summer’s older brother can read minds and isn’t afraid of anything – not cursed rapiers, fire-wielding changelings, or the predatory, flesh-eating Dread Host.

Summer’s always dreamed of Fairyland.

Now Summer’s brother has disappeared through one of his magical Gates into another world. And Summer’s father is dead, cut down by a human assassin right in the middle of Sixth Avenue. So when Summer’s mother discovers a back door into Tir na Nog, it’s Summer she sends on a quest between worlds to depose the upstart sidhe pretender and free the Exiles. But Fairyland’s not at all like Summer imagined, leading a quest is hard work, and it turns out being a princess means making all the difficult decisions.

Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Volume Two of The Manhattan Exiles

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