Winter (The Manhattan Exiles)

. . . an intriguing and suspenseful page-turner, with complex characters, political manipulation, magic, and a wry sense of humor . . .a fine urban fantasy, well worth a read.

Indie Reader

Sarah Remy’s Winter is the captivating opening chapter to a new young adult fantasy series called The Manhattan Exiles . . . Remy’s descriptions are as unique as her prickly characters . . . the startling non-conclusion will leave you checking book stores for the next installment. Five stars.

The Portland Book Review

Remy’s world-building is substantial and her premise interesting, with memorable characters . . . Her take on the Fae is worth exploring.

Publisher’s Weekly

Winter’s not your ordinary teenager.While trying to rescue his sidhe family from exile, he mistakenly unleashes the monstrous Dread Host upon humankind.

Winter’s mother wants nothing more than to find a way to break the curse keeping the sidhe imprisoned on Manhattan. New York City is driving Winter’s family slowly mad. Winter’s sister wears Chanel and longs for a Fairy Court she’s never seen. And Winter’s mentor is a talking mouse.

Winter wants to save the world.

When he discovers an unlikely changeling lost in the subway, Winter realizes he’s been given a chance to finally banish the Host, and maybe even save his family. But the changeling isn’t quite what she seems, and Winter’s already unstable world beings to spiral out of control.

Young Adult Urban Fantasy
Volume One of The Manhattan Exiles