Madison Place Press

As of January 1, 2015, I’m currently accepting submissions across a varity of fiction genres, from both established and emerging authors alike. I’m a one-person operation and I’m picky, so I don’t expect to publish more than five titles this year. I’m looking for quality stories, preferably (but not necessarily) featuring non-binary or LGBTQA characters. I read all over the spectrum, from blogs to fandom to places like Readwave and Wattpad, and I know there are plenty of gems out there waiting to be polished up and introduced to the wide world. If you have a manuscript that you feel is worth sharing, or have questions about submission guidelines, please query me here: MPP CONTACT.

Madison Place Press publishes across a variety of digital and print formats. Royalties are negotiable depending on print run and market pricing. Book publicity is standard.


Sarah Remy